About OFFKUT Studio

OFFKUT Studio is a founder led clothing label that celebrates individuality. Each piece or collection is crafted to have it’s own personality and aims to create an energy within you, that is both captivating and unmatched. Based, designed and handmade in the UK, OFFKUT Studio has two lines to make you feel one in a million, rather than one of millions.

OFFKUT Studio’s main collection produces timeless garments and accessories in small runs. The name OFFKUT Studio came about because we make ongoing efforts to monitor and reduce our own textile waste by producing in low volume, made to order or releasing limited edition pieces. Any of our own usable offcuts that are left over from manufacturing are creatively incorporated into OFFKUT Studio's ongoing "One of a Kind" range.
Re-launching in February 2021, clothes and accessories within the One-of-a-Kind collection are totally unique, exclusive and irreplaceable - just like you. Each piece cannot be replicated in mass using the same fabrics as they are made from repurposed fabric scraps or textiles from preloved, unwanted clothing.  New fabrics are sometimes sewn together with pre-loved clothing / offcuts to give them the new lease of life they deserve.

The story so far.. 
I established OFFKUT studio on Depop (@OFFKUT) in 2020. I was 23 and a full-time Assistant Psychologist in a psychiatric/forensic hospital. After spending every spare moment working on OFFKUT Studio, I finally chose to leave my job to dedicate my full energy to the brand. I am now based in London where I continue to design and sew beautiful clothes for beautiful people.
I am always looking for talented individuals to work or collaborate with! If you would like to become a part of OFFKUT's journey you can get in touch here