OFFKUT Studio implements several sustainable practices, these include:
- All garments are handmade in the UK which lowers our carbon footprint. We operate small scale production to make sure there is little to no waste
- We keep our own usable fabric scraps generated from manufacturing to create new garments for the One of a Kind collection.
- Any unusable scraps (e.g. too small, damaged) are sent to a London based company who recycle the textile.
- We use U.K. suppliers to print our fabric, ensuring they have robust sustainability policies such as using little to no water in production and responsibly disposing any waste so that nothing leaks into the environment 
- We offer made-to-order on some pieces which helps us use new fabrics responsibly and reduce surplus.
- Deadstock fabric and larger remnants are sourced and used where possible.
- Sample sales are listed onto to @offkut on Depop 
- Customers have the option to donate their preloved Offkut studio purchases which will either be used in the one of a kind collection, recycled by a London based company or resold at a discount on depop to keep it in circulation
- No unnecessary plastics are used in the packaging. We use biodegradable and/or recyclable products.
- We support other independent businesses and artists in collaborations to spread awareness of how many talented, ethical brands/creatives are out there!
But we don't want to end there! We will become more equipped to introduce further sustainable practices as OFFKUT Studio continues growing. Transparency is one of our core values so please contact via email if you have any more questions!