Who makes your clothes and where are they made?

At present, your clothes are made by one seamstress, Isabel, who is also the founder of OFFKUT Studio and all garments are made from scratch within the UK. As clothing is made in house, OFFKUT Studio is able to reduce its carbon footprint. Isabel's wages are captured within the pricing of each product so she is paid a living wage for her labour.

As OFFKUT Studio grows there may be a need for products to be made by other talented individuals, freelancers or teams. OFFKUT studio will ensure that anyone who works with the brand to produce garments or accessories are working under safe conditions with respectful treatment and paid a living wage. This is of paramount importance and OFFKUT promises full transparency of where its products are being manufactured.

If you are based in the UK and would like to enquire about working with Offkut studio, please get in touch: contact@offkutstudio.com


Whats the difference between "New Fabric", "End of Line Fabric", "Used Fabric" and "Fabric Remnants"?

You may have noticed that OFFKUT studio uses all kind of beautiful and bold fabrics, including, new fabrics, end of line fabrics, fabric remnants and re-used fabrics..but what is the difference?

New fabric: this is any fabric that has not been used before and usually comes straight from the roll. Fabrics are made in a textile mill, where different types of fibres are produced and processed into usable fabrics and other products. Offkut studio sources new fabric via a supplier and normally buys this fabric by the metre rather than by the roll in order to use the fabric responsibly. By producing in low volumes at a time, Offkut studio can avoid overproducing and carefully monitor its own textile waste. 

Deadstock fabric: this is any fabric that is discontinued, or at the end of their production run and of no use to the designers anymore. Sometimes they are not used by the designer due to minor faults in the fabric (as pictured). Offkut studio is on the hunt every day for end of line fabric that fits the aesthetic of the brand! As mentioned above, deadstock fabric is new and unused.

Remnant: this is any fabric that is left over, also known as a scrap. A remnant can be surplus material, the end of a fabric roll or an offcut. What’s really cool about Offkut studio is that, a) remnants are outsourced for both collections and b) Offkut keeps its own perfectly usable scraps for the creation of future garments, rather than discarding or ignoring them!

Re-used fabric: this is any fabric that comes from a pre-loved, but unwanted, garments. Offkut studio ONLY uses this textile for the one-of-a-kind collection. More often than not unwanted clothing ends in landfill when the fabric condition of the original garment makes it perfectly re-usable! Items in this collection are all about experimentation and re-invention, hopefully demonstrating that with a bit of creativity you can repurpose your wardrobe.

Other fabrics used: Overstock, Ex-Shop, Bolt Ends

Each item description outlines the type of fabric used and it’s condition. It is Offkut’s ultimate endeavour to use textile responsibly.


What efforts does OFFKUT Studio make to be ethical?

Offkut is a fashion brand bringing new clothing onto the earth, therefore, it cannot claim to be fully sustainable. However, Offkut takes extra measures ensure the brand is ethical, in the hope that it can provide an accessible alternative to popular fast fashion brands:

1. Every product is handmade in limited quantities at a time and Offkut accepts made-to-order when there is capacity to do so. Both methods of manufacturing mean that Offkut Studio can monitor and significantly reduce textile waste. Furthermore, all usable scraps of material are kept for the one-of-a-kind line rather than thrown out.

2. The one-of-a-kind collection is an enabler of circular fashion. As part of the ongoing One-of-a-kind line we source clothing that looks tired, damaged or outdated and redesign them so they have a new lease of life. This enables clothing to be circulated responsibly and hopefully increases the longevity of garments. Offkut studio also accepts donations of preloved clothing and unwanted fabrics. Any preloved clothing that is in good condition and unused by Offkut Studio is donated to Charity. If you would like to find out more about the "One-of-a-kind" line, visit the about page.

3. As mentioned above, all products are produced within the UK. Therefore lowering Carbon Footprint. For more information, refer back to "Who makes your clothes and where are they made" FAQ.

4. OFFKUT Studio reduces unnecessary use of plastic in it's packaging by using biodegrabale mailing mags, acid free/biodegradable tissue paper and recyclable flyers for each shipment.

5. Anyone working for, or with, Offkut is paid a living wage.



How much does postage cost?

All orders are sent with Royal Mail and can be shipped worldwidePricing can vary depending on quantity, weight & location but below is a standard guide for a top.

  • UK signed for postage: £3.99. Free postage with orders over £50
  • International tracked postage: automatically calculated at checkout

How long will it take to receive my order?

If you have purchased "made to order", your order will made and dispatched within 18 working days. Please take this into consideration when purchasing. Production time may increase during busier periods, all item descriptions and info in this FAQ will be updated if this is the case. 

If you purchased "pre-made" then your order will be shipped within 1-5 working days.  Once your order has been dispatched, UK delivery usually takes approx 1-2 working days. International can take from 4-12 working days depending on location.

If you purchased "made to order" and "premade" then your items will be dispatched together once the made to order piece is complete (14-18 working days). 


How do I care for for Offkut studio garments?

Care instructions are detailed in each item description on the website and are included in your order packages. It is recommended that you hand wash them with cool, reshape (stretch) whilst wet and do not tumble dry. 


Do you accept returns?

Please check out the Returns and Exchanges link below for more info.



"I haven't got a confirmation email"

Firstly, check Junk or Spam folder. If you can't find it there please contact: contact@offkutstudio.com and we'll sort the issue promptly.

"My size isn't available"

All restocks and new releases are announced on @offkutstudio on instagram! Unfortunately, once pieces in the one-of-a-kind range are sold then they cannot be replicated again.


If your question hasn't been answered here please contact: contact@offkutstudio.com